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EGW-SA/EGW-CA series linear guide
EGW-SA/EGW-CA series linear guide

EGW-SA/EGW-CA series linear guide

Product Description

EGW-SA/EGW-CA series linear guides and slides for lathe machine parts

Features of egw linear guide

The design of the EG series offers a low profile, high load capacity, and high rigidity. It also features an equal load rating in all four directions and self-aligning capability to absorb installation-error, allowing for higher accuracies. Additionally, the lower assembly height and the shorter length make the EG series more suitable for high-speed, automation machines and applications where space is limited. The retainer is designed to hold the balls in the block even when it is removed from the rail.

Model Number of EG Series egw linear guide

EG series linear guideways are classified into non-interchangeable and interchangeable types. The sizes of these two types are the same as one another. The main difference is that the interchangeable type of blocks and rails can be freely exchanged and they can maintain P-class accuracy. Because of strict dimensional control, the interchangeable type linear guideways are a wise choice for customers when rails do not need to be matched for an axis. The model number of the EG series identifies the size, type, accuracy class, preload class, etc.

Datasheet of egw linear guide

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