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MGN-C/MGN-H series linear guide
MGN-C/MGN-H series linear guide

MGN-C/MGN-H series linear guide

Product Description

MGN-C/MGN-H series mini linear guideway

Features of mini linear guideway

Tiny and light weight, suitable for miniature equipment.
All materials for block and rail, including rolling balls and ball retainers, are in special grade of stainless steel for anti-corrosion purpose.
Gothic arch contact design can sustain loads from all directions and offer high rigidity and high accuracy.
Steel balls will be held by miniature retainer to avoid balls from falling out even when the blocks are removed from the rail installation.
Interchangeable types are available in certain precision grades.


MGN/MGW series is available for various applications, such as semiconductor equipments, PCB /IC equipments, medication, robotics, measuring equipments, automation equipments, and other miniature sliding machinery.

Model Number mini linear guideway

MGN and MGW series linear guideway can be classified into non interchangeable and interchangeable types, which are the same size.The interchangeable type is more convenient due to replaceable rails; however, the precision is less than non-interchangeable type. With strict dimension and quality control, the interchangeable type linear guideways would be a rather suitable choice for customers when rails don’t need to be paired. The model number contains information of the size, type, accuracy, preload, and so on.

Datasheet of mini linear guideway


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